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The Blissfully Dead

Aren’t cool fall/winter weekends the best for cuddling up under a blanket with a good book? Jim is out of town visiting family, so I’ve had the house to myself this weekend. Lily (my cat) and I have been incredibly lazy, and it has been exceptionally glorious.

I’ve been reading a novel called “The Blissfully Dead” by Louise Voss and Mark Edwards. Isn’t it funny how you start a novel, and read a little bit here and there until the halfway point – and then BAM, you suddenly fast forward, reading every free minute you can find, through to the suspenseful finish? No, just me? This novel was quite a ride!

Set in the London, this new series follows Investigator Patrick Lennon as he investigates serial murders and other oddities in the city, and also navigates his complex life with his sometimes estranged wife and their daughter.

“The Blissfully Dead” is the second in the series. This edition focuses its attention on the murders of several members of a boy band fan site. Think One Direction teenage hysteria multiplied by lies, manipulation, and murder. This book serves as a bit of cautionary tale: don’t let your online presence define your life. “The Blissfully Dead” leaves a lot of clues for the reader to help you determine who the killer is, but features enough twists that the book isn’t ruined early on. You will keep hanging on until the last chapter, I guarantee it.

Lovers of suspenseful and fast paced mysteries, this book series is for you. Check it out!

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