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Collecting Villages – What is my why?

It might be the cool rainy weather – it just seems like Christmas is coming. Ready or not! I know it’s only the first week of October – but my brain runs wild with imagination and planning, this unusual combination of whimsy and attention to detail. That fun stuff occupies such a large percentage of my brain. It’s probably the same stuff that makes many of you roll your eyes, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But, for my personality type, it’s a super exciting, creative, and electrically charged time. I’m on the cusp of something I LOVE to do.

[Side rant: I know it’s not time to decorate yet. I know there are holidays in between now and Christmas. Stop whining to me about it, or about the commercialization or Christmas, or that the stores already have Christmas decorations for sale. That’s not my fault, and I don’t care. This is my blog. End of mini rant 🙂 ]

Like I’ve written about before, I love planning out each year’s display. I’m a hyper-organized person when it comes to my collection, so I have a spreadsheet of which houses I have and which accessories coordinate. Am I a little crazy? Yes. But I didn’t earn the nickname “Professor Obsessor” for nothing. My Christmas village is just something I love to collect and plan down to the tiniest detail.

Besides being a collector, I’m also a “why” person. As in “Why do I love it?” I spent the weekend by myself and did some deep thinking while Jim is out of town. There was no distraction – just me, the cat, and a whole lot of quiet.

First off, I think I love collecting Christmas villages because collecting checks so many items on my list. You know what I’m talking about, right? That inner list of things you love for no apparent reason? We’ve all got one. For me, collecting satisfies and “checks off” the collector mentality (the “I’ve gotta get them all” thought process), the Christmas fan in me (obviously), the detail guy (how/where do I plug them in?, how will I hide the cords?, what scenes work well together?, etc…), the home decorator in me (I want to be the host with the warm cozy home), and lastly, collecting satisfies the unique aspect of who I am. I want to have something a little different, and a little extra special about me. It just feels good to achieve that.

When I set up my display each year, I let my inner child run wild. I’m fascinated by a made up world where the only rules are the rules I set. I imagine it’s a similar feeling to the people that collect train sets. They build train stations, have neighborhoods, bridges, tunnels, and a variety of other scenes. They became the mayor, the master developer, the rule setter, and decider of detail. In my world, I get to be all of those things. I ponder “How does this little town work?”, “Where do the elves work?” and “Is there a social hierarchy?” (haha!) I like to believe in my fictional world that all of my residents work together in harmony… composing a symphony of happiness. And happiness is something we could all use more of.

When it all boils down, I think we should all emulate these fictional characters and work on being happier people. I think, ultimately, that is the final reason I love collecting the houses. My final “why” check mark. Plainly and simply, it just provides me, and the others that view it, with unbridled child-like happiness.

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