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Home Decor Tips

I’m certainly no style or decorating expert, but I do have a look that’s distinctly mine. I’m lucky that I have a husband that says “do whatever makes you happy” even though he likes to add “…within reason.” Ha! What’s “reason?”

All kidding aside, I thought it might be fun to share with you some of my style tips. I believe in decorating your home in warmth, love, and with functional style choices.

Remember, the only rule: no design works, unless it works for you.

Screenshot 2018-10-02 at 7.18.05 PM

Jim and I have used this black cabinet as a coffee station for many years. The glass doors keep canisters, coffee mugs, wine glasses, and most importantly, unsightly store packages hidden behind them. I added this wooden shelf recently and I’ve found that I really enjoy the style plus functionality. I keep clean mugs on the bottom shelves for easy access (especially because the inner cabinet is overflowing!) and decorative elements in the upper shelves.

I like featuring fun, quirky, and unique decor like Jim’s cross-stitch Cheryl/Carol Archer quote, the oversized jack, and a coffee print that was a wedding present from a friend. The lamp adds warmth and a nice glow in the evening. It makes our house feel like a home.

I’m also a big fan of using wooden crates for height and variety in your home decor. The pictures above are in my kitchen, on top of my refrigerator and above my cabinets.

Never be afraid to go up! The vertical plane is so under-utilized in our homes, and trust me, the eye notices! Wood crates are a great, inexpensive way to go high. Side note: I was a big fan of creates before they appeared in Still, don’t let their commonality frustrate you. Enjoy the fact that they are a lot easier to come by these days… so ignore the popularity of them and use them if you love them!

I decorate with a wide variety of items: glass, wine bottles, stainless canisters, and of course with trinkets that mean something to me. Jim and I got those beautiful wooden tulips from Amsterdam, and the Pinocchio from Pisa, Italy. The shells are from a family trip to the beach, and a great friend got us the “Drink local” sign. I fastened the sign to the wall to, again, create height and depth.

Another favorite style tip of mine is to fill picture frames, like the ladder I have in the top left photo, with paint color samples for bold color choices. Hint: They are free!

I’m also a fan of mixing old and new in groups of 3 or 5. We have a Nest digital thermostat. It contrasts really well with the retro style of the barometer and traditional thermometer.  Again, to the left I work in groups of three with the wax warmer, decorative vase, and Ganesh statue. (It was a present from my sister from her work trip to Mumbai.) In the last photo, there are some Disney scrap booking pages I framed along with a painting from a great friend. I know it’s a group of 4 technically, but the light switch makes it COUNT as 5 to the eye ;).

I hope you liked the sneak peak at some of my home decor. Is there something you love? Something you hate? Tell me about it!

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