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Mark Edwards

I’m a big fan of fiction. Anything I can get my hands on to escape reality for an evening, honestly, can hook me. As a busy person, I’m constantly forcing myself to carve out more time for reading. I make myself read 30 minutes before bed nightly, and have recently found phenomenal mystery/psychological thrillers by Mark Edwards. The twists and turns in his psychological thrillers have kept my attention and led me to spend more time reading. I find myself preparing for bed earlier so I can spend more time in his disturbing world.

I use a Kindle in conjunction with traditional novels, and on Amazon, I randomly found “Follow You Home” as a free option with Amazon Prime. The description caught my interest, and I thought to myself, “what the hell.” The book centers on a young couple enjoying the train trip of a lifetime across Eastern Europe. Their vacation goes horribly wrong, and the psychological and disturbing twists and turns in this book do not stop. “Follow You Home” introduced me to Edwards’ world, and I was hooked.

After I finished “Follow You Home” I immediately purchased another of his novels “The Magpies”. It features another young couple moving into a new home. Not long after they get settled, weird occurrences start happening. Dead rats on their doorstep, car accidents, and more sinister things that I just won’t ruin for you. “The Magpies” is a cautionary tale of the evil that exists, not in demons, monsters, and vampires…but in regular people just like you and me. The whole novel reads like a Dateline Murder Mystery. For me, that’s an awesome thing. I highly enjoyed this novel.

“Because She Loves Me” is yet another thriller in which a young man starts dating the girl of his dreams. She seems too good to be true, and then weird things start happening in his life. He’s being followed, his apartment is robbed, bad things start happening to his friends… and he starts to suspect his new “perfect” girlfriend. All things from Edwards are not as they seem though.

Mark Edwards has an effortless writing style, casual, easy to read, but not without flaws. The character development in “Follow You Home” can be somewhat flat at times. Some of the events in “The Magpies” can be somewhat predicable, but definitely not all. The dialogue can be a little off. However, the mystery he weaves and the twists and turns he concocts more than make up for these minor flaws. His writing is certainly not academic, but if you are reading for pleasure, I highly recommend him.

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